Mission Statement:

L.I.P.A Mission Statement: To encourage and to promote high environmental quality of the lake area. We support the steps that are essential to maintain the continuing proper usage of Lost Island Lake and its surroundings.

The Lost Island Protective Association is actively seeking memberships and donations for all of their projects. You may purchase a membership for $20. Your $20 membership fee helps provide for buoys, mailings and postings, for the sanitary sewer district, the annual picnic, for the Ruthven Fire Department, garage sale newspaper ad, weather warning system, and to help maintain environmental quality. If you would like to donate to the Lost Island Protective Association, please make checks payable to the Lost Island Protective Association and send your donation to P.O. Box 383, Ruthven, Iowa 51358. Please specify if you would like your donation to go to a specific project.

Lost Island Lake Restoration Project

Lost Island Lake lies at the heart of one of Iowa’s most diverse natural landscapes. At 1,180 acres, Lost Island Lake is the state’s fifth largest natural lake and its watershed is comprised of nearly 1,000 acres of wetland habitat, including Iowa’s largest natural wetland-Barringer Slough. In 2002 and 2004, Lost Island Lake was categorized as “impaired” on Iowa’s Impaired Waters List. Frequent algae blooms and suspended solids drastically increase turbidity levels resulting in its impairment. A two year study identified an overabundance of non-native common carp in the lake and its surrounding wetlands as the primary cause of impairment. The goal of the Lost Island Lake Restoration Project is to restore ecological health to Lost Island Lake and its intricate watershed resulting in: * improved water quality, recreational and educational opportunities for citizens * diverse native plant and wildlife community to sustain a sport fishery * increased migrating waterfowl and water birds This $987,000 lake restoration project is a joint venture and partnership represented by multiple groups. We are fortunate to have a strong partnership with the Iowa DNR, Palo Alto County Conservation Board, and Ducks Unlimited. As a result of these partnerships, the project was awarded a $180,000 WIRB grant and the county supervisors agreed to provide $27,000 in construction assistance. A $300 grant was awarded from the INS charity program through River Valley Telecommunications. $25,000 was awarded from the Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation in 2010. Construction of four combination fish barriers and water control structures and one additional fish barrier placed at key locations in the watershed were completed in the fall of 2011. The fish barriers that are in place will keep carp from accessing Lost Island Lake and any carp remaining in the lake cannot get to Blue-wing Marsh or Barringer Slough. Isolating Lost Island is a key component to the water restoration project. Aggressive commercial harvesting has been implemented to remove large numbers of carp and rough fish. Over 880,000 pounds have been removed. For a successful project it takes a lot of team work. Local commitment is a key component of this project and we appreciate YOUR involvement and support

Lost Island Recreational Trail

Starting with a grant from the Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation and local donations, construction of Phases 1, 2, 3, and 4 have been completed. Trail construction has been completed on the northeast portion of Lost Island Lake in Huston Park from the corner “y” of 320th Street, down through the beach area, to the nature center and south through the woods. A total of 5,800 feet of bike trail! Projects of this magnitude take time and the outlook is very promising. The Lost Island Trail project will provide a safe biking/walking/running environment. Support is an important component! Generations to come will appreciate our concerted efforts now in constructing a trail that afford endless possibilities for a wide range of interest throughout the four seasons.