Public Works Director

A Public Works Director/Water and Sewer Superintendent shall be appointed by the Council to serve at the Council’s pleasure.

The powers and duties of the Water and Sewer Superintendent are as follows:

  1. Supervise Water Distribution System. Supervise and inspect the installation and connection of all water mains and service pipes in the City, in accordance with the State Plumbing Code, and maintain the system in an adequate manner.
  2. Supervise Water Supply. Operate City water supply and storage facilities in accordance with the best practice for the protection of the purity of the water supply and provision of an adequate supply and pressure to the system.
  3. Water Taps. Make or supervise the making of all taps to water mains.
  4. Shut Off Water. Shut off water supply when deemed necessary under policies set by the Council.
  5. Water Meters. Oversee the installation and repair of water meters.
  6. Supervise Sewer Installation. Supervise the installation of all sanitary sewers in the City, in accordance with the State Plumbing Code, and supervise the storm drainage system in the City.
  7. Inspect Connections. Inspect all sewer connections and sewer interceptors and keep records of such inspections.
  8. Uncover Manholes. Uncover manholes that are buried, raising them where necessary to keep them accessible.
  9. Complete Work. Finish or correct work on any private connection to the public sewer system as authorized by Section 96.10 of this Code of Ordinances.
  10. Records. Maintain written records of inspections, of installation or tapping of the water system, sewer work, of purchase and disposition of equipment, of an up-to-date inventory, and of departmental activities.
  11. Reports. Make monthly oral or written reports to the Mayor on departmental activities on or before the first day of each succeeding month.

Contact Info

Dave Conlon
Public Works Director
1606 Main St. Ruthven, IA 51358