Street Superintendent

A Street Superintendent shall be appointed by the Council to serve at the Council’s pleasure. The Street Superintendent shall work under the direction and supervision of the Council.

POWERS AND DUTIES.  The powers and duties of the Street Superintendent are as follows:

  1. General Duties. The Street Superintendent shall be superintendent of all improvements upon the streets, alleys and public grounds.
  2. Make Repairs. Make all repairs upon the streets, alleys and sidewalks, necessary to keep the same safe and passable and see that they are so kept, and receive all complaints made of a dangerous, impassable or unsafe condition on any street, alley, crossing, bridge or sidewalk in the City.
  3. Maintain Streets and Alleys. Maintain that the streets and alleys are kept free and clear of all deposits of snow and ice, dirt, waste, grass, wood, brush or other refuse.
  4. Supervise Excavations. Supervise the making of all excavations in the streets and alleys for laying sewer or water mains, or making of connections, see that proper barricades with warning lights are maintained, and that such excavations are refilled and pavement replaced as required by ordinance and subject to the Superintendent’s approval.
  5. Records. Keep a record of work accomplished by the Superintendent or under the Superintendent’s supervision, showing the street, alley or public ground on which work was performed, and the name of each laborer.
  6. Report. Report to the Council all persons refusing to comply with or violating any ordinance in relation to streets, alleys or public grounds.

Contact Info

Michael "Toad" Loder
Street Superintendent
1606 Main St, Ruthven, IA 51358